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Teaching from Empathy

How could anyone expect to learn everything they need to know when there is only a surface level knowledge of challenges, and shallow teaching based on fluff. 

We seek to relate, create a plan and from a deep history of understanding, we work WITH you to teach real and actionable skills to make a true impact.


Skills Based Learning 

We focus on developing; not just new ways of looking at challenges, but also new skill sets to create change. 

You will learn action items and be given a quarterly plan to follow to create real change and improvement in the areas that you are hoping to. Our skills based courses enable positive change in virtually any role in your life.

There is nothing like investing time and money in learning just to forget everything or get side tracked when you return to your "real life". We have been there. It is a defeating feeling to have lots of new knowledge nuggets, but no way to apply them to change. We engage in quarterly, accountability follow up just to make sure this does not happen! True, sustainable and long term change is our mission and we have a plan!


Accoutability is Key

If you've been to multiple seminars, retreats, and conventions, feeling inspired while there but then wondered what happened to all of that great information and mojo when you got back...

We feel your pain and created something different. 

This step by step technique is developed from a calculated and skills-based approach to a very organic change. It includes steps in re-discovery, practices in mindfulness, and accountability in action. The result is a reconnection with who you are and inevitably, whom you want to be in all of the facets of your life. 


This exercise, once mastered, allows you to use the Natived Method as a way to assess life changes, opportunities, how to define when to say “no” and a way to navigate your future without ever negotiating your originating or Native Self.


Ok, so here are the rules! If you are like me, you are your own hardest critic, so your first "to-do" is to leave your doubts, distractions, and defeat behind you right now!

It is only okay to focus on your dreams and making them a reality. Our community is one of commonality and comradery. With very different backgrounds and all sorts of reasons to engage with our learning tools, you will be enriched with knowledge, empowered through virtual high fives, and successful in these next steps of taking your life back! 

I can't wait to connect with you!  -


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Hello! I am Andrea Lyn: wife, mother, singer-songwriter, and self-diagnosed, OCD-life-enthusiast. If it's a "to-do," it is probably on my bucket list! 

​A few years ago, in the mix of having babies, leaving my executive career to start my own business, on the road as a musician, and all of my other roles, life was a blur. 

My business and music career were booming, my children were happy and healthy, and my hubby and I were making sure we had at least one date night a month. Sounds like a fairytale, right? -- Despite everything seeming to be ideally groomed in my life, I had lost ME. Can you relate?

​I'm a fixer, so I took out my trained and engrained leadership development toolbelt (I italicize that because it sounds very important), but all of the many personal and professional training tools I had learned in my twenty years of teaching others, was not bringing forward clarity to who I was, and how I got so far off track from my Native self. I needed help! 

​I read book after book on self-development. "How to Stop Feeling Sh*t" (Yes, that is an actual book), “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”... You name it, I read it, trying to put together the perfect recipe to fix ME. ​I identified a unifying theme amongst these curriculums. They all lacked set-up skills and basic physiological principles to prepare the reader for success.

From that need, I have spent the years following, building a melting pot approach to self-development called the Natived Method...


You made it this far!

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Copy of Copy of Andi Lyn - Teak.png
Copy of Andi Lyn - Teak.png
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