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Lightning  Full Length Album

Excerp from the inside cover: Meaning of the title “Lightning”: When I was about eight years old. I ran away one night to the back yard. As night fell, I grew afraid of being alone in the dark. I walked to stand outside of the kitchen window and shined the flashlight that I had brought to catch my dad’s attention. Seeing my light, he then went to grab a flashlight from his dresser. He flashed back at me in a sort of Morse code. Eventually, he shined three short clicks of his light, meaning “I love you.” My dad has since passed and I often think of lightning in a storm as his way of sending messages from heaven. - Dedicated to RGB 1944 - 1994


So much appreciation for all of the dear friends who made this album possible. Thank you: to Dick and Ian Kimmel, Crista Bohlmann, Sam Nilson, and Lantz Dale for your time and talent. You all add so much to these songs that are near and dear to my heart.


Thank you to my family for supporting my crazy dreams and for being the source of inspiration for many songs. Thank you to my parents who formed my work ethic and taught me how to live by my values. My love for you all is indescribable in words.

Lightning Full Length Album

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